The LEISTAG trademark is owned by the German company KRUTWERH GmbH, which manufactures a wide range of high-quality, reliable and durable plumbing products.

In order to diversify its business, in 2009, KRUTWERH GmbH made the decision to manufacture household plumbing fixtures, and by the beginning of 2010, had started producing faucets under its own LEISTAG trademark.

The word LEISTAG means “quiet day” in German. LEISTAG faucets are noted for their low noise level, which means added comfort for the user. This is the reason for the LEISTAG trademark name.

Today, the LEISTAG trademark offers a wide range of faucets in various versions and for different purposes, including:

With their quality and reliability, versatility and diversity, LEISTAG products have successfully proven themselves on Europe’s regional markets.